General Function Modules

1.External USB Serial Devices

External USB Serial DeviceInstructions Document for USB、serial device 1. Brief introduction: peripheral interfaces: general communication interfaces such as LAN port, cash drawer port, usb2.0 port, serial port, headphone jack, etc. This text mainly introduces the usage mode of cash drawer port, usb port and serial port.

  1. Interface description

  1. Cash drawer port: the cash drawer port uses RJ12 port. The developers can control the

cash drawer by sending data to the cash drawer port.

Cash drawer developers document and resources file:Interface Documentation

2) 1) Serial port: the serial port uses RJ11 port. The developers can control the peripherals

by sending data from the serial port. The RJ11 of iMin equipment is four-wire and does not support hard-flow control (some peripherals turn on hardware-flow control by default, and these devices can not connect iMin mainframe through RJ11).

D1w series, D3-505, D4 series, S1 series: /dev/ttyS3

D2 series, D3-504: /dev/ttyS1

Serial port reference demo