Docking Debugging

Access Switch Settings

iMin devices allow third-party applications to be installed by default, and you can also restrict installation permissions through partners.

Open installation permissions

Partners can log in via to open or close third party APP installation permissions


Open Developer Rights

  1. Enter Settings > About > Version

  1. Click 5 times in a row to enter the developer mode

  2. Return to the previous level and select the developer mode

  1. Open USB debugging interface

_images/OpenDeveloperRights-03.png _images/OpenDeveloperRights-04.png


Debugging Devices

You can debug after plugging in USB line to default iMin device. iMin has also provided the control function for device debugging permission. After the partner has enabled debugging permission control in the background (as shown in the following figure), it is necessary to obtain debugging permission via E-mail to debug this device. If you cannot directly debug, please check whether the partner backstage has enabled this permission.


Note: the control of debugging permission takes effect only to the devices that have bound partners (channels).

How to debug device while the permission is on

If the partner has enabled “debugging permission control”, the developer need to obtain the debugging permission via E-mail on his/her own device to debug the device. The partner can add the E-mail of the debugging personnel (developer) on the iMin partner platform. Steps to obtain the device debugging permission as follows:

1.Add debugging personnel

Before debugging the device, the developer is required to know the channel that the device belongs to. He/she can look for the management personnel relevant to his/her own company for inquiry. The management personnel needs to add the debugging personnel’s E-mail in iMin partner platform background.

  1. Plug in USB.

Connect the device to the computer after confirming that you have your own E-mail for debugging permission. It is suggested that the developer debug under windows.


3.Get the veification code


Click the above “USB debuging” item, you will enter the step of permission verification via E-mail. Meanwhile, the USB debugging mode of the device will be enabled by

  1. Verify the permission


Click “Obtain the verification code” after entering the previously added E-mail. iMin will send the verification code to the E-mail. Fill in the verification code and click “Authorize and enable debugging”

The verification code is valid and reusable within 30 minutes, and it can be used any number of times.

After the device restarts, USB Debugging is automatically closed

5.Open the permission.

After opening the permission, you can check whether there is output in logcat to judge if it’s OK to debug the device.