1.Built-in / one machine printing development documents

Connection method: Bluetooth (Bluetooth device name: BluetoothPrinter), USB. The third-party APP can print by connecting to the built-in printer. The functions included in the iMin printer: thermal printers with two printing specifications of 58 and 80mm, cutters (some machines), cash drawers (some machines)

The printing function interface of iMin is basically multiplexed, and the model applicable to the document will be slightly different according to the model: D series (D1w, D4), M series (M2, etc.), S series (S1 etc.), A series (A2 etc.) Development

The printer is compatible with the ESC & POS command, but it is slightly different from the standard ESC & POS command. Developers can refer to the built-in printer development document to understand the printer’s working mode and interface calling method, and understand the escpos instruction set supported by iMin through the instruction document Built-in printer development documentation


iMin provides printing demo and source code, and supports common printing functions, such as: printing QR code, printing barcode, printing pictures, printing texts in various languages, printing forms, etc. The demo supports both Bluetooth and USB connection methods. Developers need to adapt different SDK files to different iMin devices when developing printing functions.

Print Demo source code

PS:The demo only supports iMin built-in printers, external Bluetooth serial network USB printers are not suitable for this demo.

Print PDF

iMin printer plugin is an app that provides printing services for iMin POS devices. Users can search for iMinprinterplugin through the iMin App Store. After downloading and installing, you can print PDF content through the printing service function.


iMin provides a printing plug-in support through the native printing function of android. Users can search for iMinprinterplugin through the iMin App Store, and after downloading and installing it, they can print the webpage content through the browser’s printing function.

Enter the following URL address in the device browser to experience the H5 printing case

H5 Print Demo source code